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Team Bonding Strengthens Company Morale
Zak Nye
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Team Bonding Strengthens Company Morale

February 15th, 2020

Team Bonding Strengthens Company Morale 

By Steve Nye


Yes, we made it through the holidays and slingshot into the new decade. Still, VaxPro wanted to celebrate a successful 2019 with our team.  I researched different teambuilding exercises and came upon things like Pictionary, fishing, bowling, scavenger hunts, egg drop, charades, storytelling, etc…


No. No. No.


Instead Jay and I took our team to Vegas. Why? What better way is there to build comradery than placing our bets at the craps table at 3:30am and watching our President roll the dice while screaming “five, c’mon gimme a five”?  All week, we rooted each other on to win. What a great moment was had after we all chipped in to play the Wheel of Fortune slot machine and actually won!


It wasn’t all gambling. We indulged ourselves each morning with a leisurely, full breakfast and even made time to visit Red Rock Canyon, which was quite memorable.  We enjoyed the hilarity of the Freemont Experience in downtown Las Vegas and saw The Mentalist on the Strip.


What did we learn? Each of us has different interests and skillsets when it came to gambling, sightseeing, photography and navigating through the maze of hotels and crowded casinos.  We talked a lot, and shared a lot about ourselves, all the while making sure we stayed in the moment.  DJ, our director of IT, uses a wheelchair and we became educated on accessibility. A life lesson for sure.  Perhaps that was the biggest takeaway from the trip.

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