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VaxPro is a wellness company that provides on-site clinics.

Let Us Know Why You’re The Best

VaxPro offers great opportunities with competitive hourly pay.

Great Team

VaxPro is home grown. You will quickly learn that we are all about Wisconsin. We have a dedicated administrative, nursing and logistics team, that provides personal service to our customers with the overall mission to improve wellness in our community. If you want to be part of a great team, just give us a holler!

Flexible Hours

Our staff is comprised of a talented group of diverse individuals. Many of our positions are part-time and seasonal. Whether you are a nurse, data entry clerk or part of the logistics team, we will do our best to optimize your schedule while meeting VaxPro’s needs.

Friendly Work Places

Our headquarters is designed to be interactive. We are always learning new ideas for wellness or developing new apps to make the clinics run more smoothly. There is typically a “buzz” in the fall during flu shot season (when it gets a little bit hectic). We have our own IT division, so that makes it easy to keep everyone connected. And, we have really great customers. So, whether you are working at headquarters in Mequon, or on the road at one of our customer sites, we can promise you a fun and exhilarating experience.


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