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  • VaxPro is an approved COVID-19 vaccinator for the Wisconsin Department of Health Services and will be providing onsite clinics for our customers.
  • People who are eligible for a COVID-19 vaccination will select a day/time using our online registration system. Our online system will send email or text reminders for appointments. For those vaccine types requiring two shots, there will be a second online registration approximately three to four weeks following the first shot.
  • There is no charge to either participants or the company for the COVID-19 vaccination. For covered individuals, the cost for vaccine administration will be charged to insurance. For noncovered, VaxPro will be reimbursed for the vaccine administration through a federal Provider Relief Fund.
Vaccinations at flu shot clinics
  • VaxPro will bill insurance for covered employees. VaxPro can bill the following insurances: Anthem, Arise, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Dean Health Plan, GHC, Health Partners, Humana, Medicare Part B, Prevea360, Quartz, UMR, United Healthcare, WPS
  • VaxPro will invoice company for non-covered
  • Patients pay by credit card or check if company elects to have non-covered pay for their vaccination.
What about other vaccinations like Pneumonia, Hepatitis B and Shingles (Shingrix vaccine)? Check with VaxPro for payment options.
What about billing for Biometric screening clinics? VaxPro will bill the company

It is always best to dress comfortably and wear loose fitting clothing the day of the clinic. Preferably short sleeves. VaxPro will provide privacy screens for your clinic if requested.

Many of VaxPro’s customers invite their spouses and children (6 years of age and above) to the flu shot clinics.

All VaxPro staff follow Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) guidelines to protect all patient information.

VaxPro updates all vaccination records into the WIR, typically within 10 days of your clinic.

Yes. Upon request, VaxPro will set up online registration for your employees. We will send the customer representative at your business a link to share with employees. It’s simple to register for a clinic and easy to change date/time of appointments. Most important, VaxPro will send email or text reminders to your employees. We have shown last year that it definitely helps to boost participation at the clinics.

Yes. VaxPro’s IT division created a new App that is used at our flu shot clinics. It basically takes the place of the paper consent form. Even better, it enables our data entry team to rapidly process your company’s patient records. Having the patient record in electronic form also enables rapid upload to the Wisconsin Immunization Registry (WIR).

Our Co-founders, Jay and Steve, started VaxPro in 2006. Back then, they primarily focused on flu shot clinics in the Milwaukee area. Now, VaxPro offers our customers many wellness services and we have expanded to offer clinics throughout the state Wisconsin.

Our nurses are very experienced RNs and LPNs and have come to VaxPro with varied backgrounds working in hospitals, emergency rooms, public health, primary care physician offices, allergy and the military. Several of our nurses have been with VaxPro since Jay and Steve opened the doors in 2006.

VaxPro does have a medical advisor who oversees all of our medical protocols and is available 24/7 for consultation.

Yes. If your company chooses to use VaxPro’s online registration system for their flu shot clinics, then you can sign up for email and text reminders. It’s a simple, intuitive system to use and highly recommended for next fall’s clinics.

Since our nurses are RNs and LPNs, they are well-trained to treat any patient having a reaction to our services. If the reaction is severe they are instructed to call 911 and consult with our medical advisor. After 13 years, we are happy to report minor reactions in only a few patients and these reactions would be commonly expected from a flu shot, like muscle soreness or maybe a slight rash. Let’s “knock on wood” that this continues.

Seasonal influenza is a respiratory ailment occurring after infection with the influenza virus. It is often called the “flu” but should not be confused with the stomach “flu” for which there is presently no remedy. The respiratory flu is easily spread through the air and can be deadly if not treated properly. The best way to avoid the flu is to receive your annual flu shot and to maintain proper hygiene, especially during the flu season that peaks during December-February.

Anyone ages 6 months and above who would like to reduce the likeliness of becoming ill from the flu.

The best time to receive an annual vaccination is between September to November. This will enable your immune system to build resistance to fight off the influenza virus by December-February, which is the peak time that the CDC reports the highest incidence of the flu.

VaxPro administers the quadrivalent flu vaccine and a high-dose flu vaccine. The quadrivalent vaccine is comprised of antigens from four strains of influenza that are selected by the CDC each year. The high-dose vaccine is more potent, having twice the amount of antigens than the quadrivalent vaccine. The high-dose vaccine can elicit a stronger immune reaction thereby offering more protection. The high-dose vaccine is intended for seniors, 65 years or older, who may have weaker immune systems requiring an extra boost.

The flu vaccine that VaxPro administers is made with inactivated virus, therefore by itself it can not make you sick. In fact, that is an old wife’s tale. However, some people do experience side-effects such as muscle aches, headaches and low-grade fever. Some people do get the flu around the time of their annual flu shot. But that is mere coincidence and they were probably infected with influenza before they received their flu shot. It takes two weeks for the average person to build substantial immunity to influenza. Therefore, VaxPro advises that people, especially seniors and high-risk patients, receive their flu shot vaccination as early as possible, preferably in mid-September.

The protection offered by the influenza vaccine varies each year and it is sometimes correlated with the strains chosen for the vaccine by the CDC. Typically, there is 30-60% protection offered by the vaccine. However, it was recently shown the severity of the flu in those people who were vaccinated is much less than people who were not vaccinated. So, there is great benefit for a person to have an annual vaccination even if the strains are not perfectly matched.

The flu virus is very contagious and a sick co-worker can easily spread the virus to everyone in the office. This is especially important in manufacturing environments when an entire assembly line could be shut down due to illness. The best way to keep employees healthy is for everyone in the office to have an annual flu shot. The same is true for your family; to keep your family healthy, all family members should be vaccinated for the flu.

Tuberculosis (TB) is a contagious disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis that primarily affects the lungs. It is spread through the air of infected people by coughing, sneezing or even talking. There are medications to treat TB and if not treated the disease could be fatal.

Symptoms of TB can be a productive and chronic cough, hemoptysis, uexplained weight loss, fever, chills, persistent shortness of breath, uexpexplained fatigue and chest pain.

VaxPro offers two different TB screening tests at each clinic. The first is a tuberculin skin test (called the TST or Mantoux) which is administered just below the skin. The test relies on a person’s immune response to the injected purified protein derivative (PPD) solution and requires a second clinic day to read the results (after 48 hours). The second TB test that VaxPro offers is a blood test called the Quantiferon-TB Gold Plus. This test is considered more accurate than the skin test and can detect both latent and chronic TB infections.

TB is very contagious. For employees working in a healthcare environment, it is important to have a screening test in place and to have follow up testing/treatment for anybody who tests positive.

No. People with BCG vaccinations can have a false-positive TB skin test. Therefore, a TB blood test is preferred using the Quantiferon-TB Gold Plus.

Latent TB is a condition where people have been infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis but the disease is in a dormant, non-contagious stage.

Hepatitis B is a viral infection of the liver. The severity can vary from a mild illness lasting a few weeks to a serious lifelong illness which can lead to scarring of the organ, liver failure and liver cancer.

Since Hepatitis B is a virus, it can be transmitted through blood and other bodily fluids, like semen. So be careful.

Hepatitis B vaccine is recommended by the CDC for adults who are at risk for hep B virus infection. For example, Healthcare and public safety workers often come in contact with blood and therefore are at risk. Also, the Residents and staff working at care facilities routinely come into contact with bodily fluids and can be at risk. If you are traveling out of the Country, work in housekeeping in a hotel or if you are a health care worker, VaxPro recommends that you receive this series.

VaxPro follows CDC recommendations for administering the Hepatitis B vaccine. Hepatitis B vaccine is unique because it is administered as a three dose series with all doses needing to be completed within one year.

Most of us have contracted chicken pox during our childhood. Shingles is a reactivation of the chickenpox virus that has remained dormant in the nervous system for years following that initial infection. Shingles presents itself as a painful rash anywhere on your body, but typically is found on the face, near the optic nerve, side and back. While shingles is not life-threatening, it can lead to serious problems such as loss of eyesight if the optic nerve is involved. Approximately 50% of all shingles cases happen in men and women who are 60 or older. It can last from 2-4 weeks and often causes scarring in affected parts of the body.

VaxPro recommends a two dose Shringrix regimen for age 50 and above. Shingrix is a new vaccine that has been shown to be much more effective than the Zostavax vaccine also on the market. Shingrix provides 90-95% protection against shingles breakout compared to unvaccinated.

Yes. According to the CDC, “the virus is spread through direct contact with fluid from the rash blisters caused by shingles. Once the rash has developed crusts, the person is no longer infectious.Shingles is less contagious than chickenpox and the risk of a person with shingles spreading the virus is low if the rash is covered.”

Best to check with your insurance company and VaxPro as many insurances will cover both doses.

Shingrix is recommended for people age 50 years and older. The second dose should be administered between 2-6 months after the first dose. Even if you have have previous received the Zostavax vaccine, the CDC is recommending that you also receive the new Shingrix vaccine.

VaxPro’s biometric screening is a quick assessment for a patient’s risk for cardiovascular disease and diabetes. If a patient is found to be at risk, they are then referred to their primary care physician for more definitive follow-up testing.

VaxPro’s biometric screening takes 15 minutes per patient. In this time, a nurse will measure the following: systolic and diastolic blood pressure, height and weight (BMI), total cholesterol blood test, HDL, LDL, triglycerides, glucose, A1C, nicotine. At the end of the screening the VaxPro nurse will coach the patient on their results.

Rapid results provide immediate awareness and identification of cardiovascular and diabetes health risks in only 10-15 minutes.

Fingerstick blood sampling and small sample size makes results less painful and time consuming, and easy to obtain.

Fingerstick blood samples are assessed by VaxPro using the Cholestech© analyzers by the trained nursing staff. Cholestech© analysis meets National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP) performance goals for lipids with lab-accurate results.

During the clinic, VaxProwill provide each individual employee with a report interpreted by the nursing staff. Employees with potential health risks will be encouraged to visit their physician for follow-up care.

At company request, VaxPro will provide a roster of each employee who competed the screening which can be turned in for reward points. Individual test results will not be reported to the company, they will only receive aggregate test results.