About VaxPro

VaxPro was founded in 2006 with the goal to bring cost-effective and efficient flu shot vaccinations to the workforce. VaxPro has grown this on-site concept over the years and now provides flu shot clinics throughout the Midwest. Our motto is "no one waits in line for a VaxPro flu shot." Our staff arrives at your facility fully-equipped to vaccinate your employees.

Over the years, we have expanded our services to include a wide variety of vaccinations. We also provide wellness services like Biometric Screening (Blood Pressure, BMI, Cholesterol and Glucose) TB testing (healthcare-related employees) and Pharmacogenetic testing (improved medication management).

  VaxPro's co-founders, Jay and Steve, work closely with customers to provide a quality wellness experience.  

Jay Plavnick



  • New client accounts
  • Accounting/billing
  • Leads many VaxPro flu shot clinics

Background: Jay is a co-founder and the President of VaxPro. A Milwaukee Wisconsin native, Jay has been a pharmacist for over 30 years and has had numerous experiences implementing immunization programs in pharmacies and onsite flu clinics. Jay is an avid golfer, sports fan and automobile enthusiast.

Creds: UW-Madison, B.S. in Pharmacy

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Alice Healy


Alice Healy

  • Manages clinic supply chain and logistics
  • Participates in hiring and managing the nursing staff
  • Customer relations
  • Insurance billing
  • Assists with social media and marketing

Background: Alice graduated from Florida State University. There she earned a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology and a minor in education.

Creds: Florida State University, B.S. in Psychology

Steve Nye



  • Oversees the VaxPro nursing staff
  • Manages the supply chain
  • Directs VaxPro's social media/marketing

Background: Steve is a co-founder and the Vice President of VaxPro. A Milwaukee Wisconsin native, he has been a part of drug development teams for over 20 years. Steve is an avid cyclist, hockey fan and enjoys gardening and home repair.

Creds: Northwestern University, Ph.D. in Cell, Molecular & Structural Biology; UW-Madison, B.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

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Zak Nye


Zak Nye

  • Manages social media and marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Email correspondence
  • Manages inventory
  • Assist with insurance billing

Background: Zak is a graduate of University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a Bachelors of Science degree in Community Engagement and Education. Zak loves working with kids, the Milwaukee community and non-profit organizations.

Creds: UW-Milwaukee, B.S. in Community Engagement and Education, Youth Work Certificate