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Dr. Nye’s Daily Bicycle Commute -
Zak Nye
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Dr. Nye’s Daily Bicycle Commute -

By: Steve Nye

Dr. Nye’s Daily Bicycle Commute

The snow has finally melted in the Milwaukee area which means I am well into my 3rd season of commuting to VaxPro on my bicycle.  My friends and my acquaintances often ask me why am I doing this?  And, most importantly, do I shower?

The Why is easy.  Fresh air, beautiful scenery and heart-pumping exercise.  If I rode directly to the new VaxPro offices, it would be a short ride taking only a few minutes from my house.  But, it usually takes me 45 minutes to get there every morning?  That’s because I make a big right turn and take the long way! 

I like to ride along the banks of the Milwaukee River to see the sun shimmering off the water and hopefully view wild life teeming along the banks.  I ride up and down roads in River Hills imagining what it would be like to live in the enormous mansions.  I usually see the same people jogging or walking their dogs.  Most days, I am serenaded with a few taps on the horn from the FedEx guy.  If you live in Mequon, chances are good that you will see me.  Honk three times and I will know it’s a friend. 

My ride is usually pretty amazing and wonderful and I arrive at VaxPro in the best mood.  But sometimes I get caught in a storm (it’s Wisconsin) or someone is driving too fast or too close to me.  I play it safe. I try to take the road less traveled and always wear my helmet, reflectors and carry my cell phone.  Sunscreen too.  My bike is a Trek Crossrip (Limited Edition) with hydraulic disk brakes - recommended for anyone riding in foul weather.  It’s easy on the eyes too.

I ride thousands of outdoor miles each season.  Shower?  Sometimes. 

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