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Health Blog: Rylee Schultz
Zak Nye
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Health Blog: Rylee Schultz

Vaping On Campus

Being a student at UW-Milwaukee has been one my favorite experiences so far of my young adult life! One thing I noticed the most though is that vaping and cigarette smoking is very common for students there. I know that they implemented a "Smoke Free Campus" policy that forces students to remain tobacco free while on campus property. Although it was a good attempt, lots of students still smoke of use e-cigarettes while talking around campus - sometimes even in class if they can get away with it! 

I wouldn't say that is bothers me very much to be around it but I know from some students that they cannot stand when others are smoking around them. Students will avoid certain areas on campus or even certain entrances to buildings to make sure they don't have to be in that environment. Although vaping and tobacco use is banned on campus, just a couple blocks down the road there are stores promoting the sale of tobacco products. I always believed that this younger generation who vape or use e-cigarettes are going to experience some health issues later in life and now there are already some cases regarding exactly that! I grew up around a family who used tobacco products but never felt like it was something I wanted to be apart of. It's so easy to be the change we just have to do it together and encourage others as well!!



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