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Nurse Spotlight - Robbi Duffy
Zak Nye
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Nurse Spotlight - Robbi Duffy

Nurse Spotlight

Welcome to another issue of Employee Spotlight! This time we asked one of our nurses to answer a few questions. Robbi Duffy was amazing this past season for us. Read her answers below!

Q: You worked a lot of our Madison clinics. What did you like about leading them and working with our other nurses?

A: From anticipating the number of clients to the actual set up, I strived to make each clinic a safe and professional experience for both clients and nurses. VaxPro has an excellent team of nurses. Not only did I learn from their experience and education, I loved getting to know the rest of the VaxPro team.  

Q: One of the services VaxPro offers to our customers is TB Testing. Do you feel like TB Testing is important for companies to consider?

A: TB can be a deadly infectious disease and certain populations are at higher risk for developing active TB infections. Controlling the progression of TB through screening lessens the risk of certain populations in getting TB. Screening provides a tool for the employee to know whether they may have been exposed to TB in the past or if they may have an active TB infection. With this knowledge, employers are protecting their employees as well as their customers who depend on their services from potential exposure and spread of TB.  

Q: What experiences do you have that has helped you at VaxPro?

A: I have been a registered nurse for over 24 years in the primary care setting with 8 years as a nursing supervisor. Not only do I bring my nursing skills to the clinics, I also bring leadership skills.

Q: This was your first year working at VaxPro. What were some things you enjoyed about the job?

A: My favorite part of this job is going out in the field and being able to visit various work places. I enjoyed being with clients in their work setting. Even though I’m with them for only a short period of time, I am amazed how satisfying it is to bring health services to the workforce.
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